The Castle in town


chateau_bwThe château was built in the 14th and 15th centuries and its fortifications comprise eight massive towers linked by ramparts and a crenellated curtain wall.

It is one of the best preserved medieval Châteaux in France,with a working drawbridge and barbican which is its most remarkable feature, no other example of this form of defence (intended to protect the drawbridge area) has survived in such a perfect state of preservation in France.

The château was dismantled around 1422 after being badly damaged in the 100 years war, construction of the present Châteaux began about 1456-1458.
The barbican was added around 1497.

It is privately owned by the Montalembert family, is a listed building and parts are open to the public from Easter until mid-September.

kitchenIn the courtyard (it is claimed) stands the oldest holly tree in France !

Victor Hugo once visited but was told to clear off for being too scruffy to enter and spend the night (He ended up in an inn in town, now called 'Pub Victor !)




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