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The present library (la médiathèque) has been in existence since 1999. It is part of the old Benedictine convent and is found at the entrance to the public primary school.
Before this, it was in a small room in the "Tilleuls" retirement home, manned entirely by volunteers.
Now we are happy to be helped and advised by Françoise and Pascale. These two librarians are assisted occasionally by volunteers from the Au Fil des Pages association formed to encourage young people to read for enjoyment You can find details of this association elsewhere in the site.

The library is proud to have around 700 subscribers from Lassay and the surrounding communities.
It is amazingly well-stocked with a wide range of books, DVDs and CDs; in fact, it could do with more room for all its documents.
Membership is free for all residents of Mayenne Communauté, and for for all young people under 18 years.
It is 10€ for adults living outside the Communauté des Communes

Here is a presentation of the library by Pascale, for which I am extremely grateful

The library is a public service open to all from pre-readers to seniors; It is part of the Public Readers network of Mayenne Communauté. Over 180m2 open to the public, you can find:

library girls

The catalogue is now online and acessible at :

The library is also a team at your service: two librarians supported by volunteers from the "Au Fil des Pages" association

Conditions of Loan

Opening Times

And there's more....The library is also a place for exhibitions, shows, meetings, book discussion groups.
It offers not only a reservation service and loans to groups such as schools and retirement homes , but also regular shows for the very young, for children. In October, it joins up with the Au Fil des Pages association and other book reading groups from different places to set up a special weekend based on 'the book'

More information available from the Grand Nord website:

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