The Tourist Office

The Tourist Office of Lassay is run by Mayenne Communauté.

There is a small planning committee with a chairperson, which receives an annual grant from the aforementioned Mayenne Communauté.

angeliqueAngélique has been employed by the town since 2004 to man the tourist office and cater for the needs of tourists and visitors.

At the height of summer, she is assisted by a part-time helper, but, generally, if ever you call in it will be Angélique to welcome you with a smile and expert advice.

85% of people who call at the tourist office are French, and the most-asked question is simply, "What can we do and see in Lassay-les-Châteaux ?"

Last year, 2013, attendance at the tourist office was good through the Summer but poor in Spring (due perhaps to the appalling weather here!), however there were more Britsh people than in 2012.

One of the major attractions of Lassay during the summer months are the "Soirées Théâtralisées" during which some 30 volunteers perform various playlets and tableaux depicting the colourful history of the town. These volunteers start rehearsing in April and continue through to July when the performances begin.

The latest edition dealt with life for the people of Lassay from 1916 to 1954, costumes being gathered right, left and centre from people, dress and accessories being most welcome!

Last year(2013), more than 900 people attended the evening performances - a record!









* Photos by kind permission of James Grassick *



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